Long Tom Ultra Marathon 56km – History Series


14 November – 27 December 2020

Distance 56km

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As a runner that only joined the family in 2016, you very often hear the more mature runners reminiscing about races that got cancelled in South Africa and have completely disappeared from the running calendar… from there our History Series is born!!! We invite you to join us on this journey down memory lane…


The Long Tom Ultra was known as the Everest of Ultra Marathons in South Africa. Leaving Sabie, you begin the climb from a height of 1000m above sea level. You will then follow the panoramic Longtom Pass until you reach the highest point at Mauchsberg at 2150m above sea level. After that a steep climb of 435m over 10km through pine and blue gum trees. Here you will find a view that must undoubtedly resemble heaven. The entire valley a vast ocean of mist with only the mountain peaks and tree tops emerging from the sea of mist.


After the first 17kms the route flattens out for a brief while, but it soon leans steadily uphill through Koffiehoogte, a section lined with huge eucalyptus trees. From here the route carries on up to Devil’s Knuckles. At around 21km outside of Sabie stands the replica of the famous Longtom cannon! …the monument commemorating the last use of the Boer 155mm Creusot Long Tom guns during the Second Boer War… From here you have a spectacular panoramic view of the valleys, waterfalls and plantations.


Beware of the Staircase!!! The most gruelling climb of them all begins!!!


The Long Tom Ultra used to be run between Sabie and Lydenburg over the Long Tom Pass.

Run or walk 56km between 14 November – 27 December 2020 to be part of a little piece of history! The distance can be done in one go or you can accumulate over the whole period.

Upload your results by latest 3 January 2021 at 12 noon to claim your prize. Upload results by making a screenshot of the app you used to measure your distance. Use app like runkeeper, or your garmin… My Account, under the race you did, click on Upload. Click on Choose file and select the screenshot from your device. Then click Upload. Any upload after this date will not be accepted, you will not appear on the results and you will not get your prize.

Once you have submitted, impatiently wait for the post to arrive with your reward…

Long Tom Ultra Marathon 56km – History Series